The works of science

With a lot of time on my hands, I’ve been pushing to get out more. The weather has been very positive for this sort of behavior. If on Saturday I went to the Zoo, on Sunday I went to Scienceworks, in Yarraville/Spotswood.

It is a fun and unusual museum (second time going there in less than a month) but I didn’t take any photos inside the museum. At the back, still part of the museum complex, they had the old sewer Pumping Station. I don’t think they pumped any sewer from there anymore, albeit some of the infrastructure is still used today to get the sewer going.

It is a big building with a lot of machinery. As with the Zoo, some of the photos were taken indoors and the low light made it difficult to capture great photos. Some of the displays had glass, again, making it difficult to take photos without getting any reflections on the glass.

Here is a little of what I experienced on Sunday.

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