My Equipment

I have decided to spruce up my Equipment page, it was looking rather sad.

I had found the page rather dull and boring, albeit providing interesting information. So, to go around the problem, I updated the page to give it a bit more life.

The first thing I did was restructure how the text was laid out. You may not have noticed that, as I did not make a big fuss about out. The second item, which is what this post is about, is that I took photos of my equipment. It is not the photo to the left, but the photos you will see at the end of the post.

As part of the exercise, I tried to take “product photos”, trying to make it look like the photos could be used for advertising the product (provided that the background is changed). I used the same intent as when I took photos of the bottle of Bollinger I had in my fridge. I set up the backdrop (instead of showing whatever was in the background) and set up the lights/flashes as well as the table where the items rested. This is the result.

Just an end note to the photos. As the day progressed, it became brighter and brighter. This can be observed by the color of the cloth in which the items rest. The first photos it was significantly darker than the latter ones. Also, in the last three photos it is possible to see a shadow for the lenses. Those shadows were produced by the sun coming through the pergola.

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