Parameters: Wheels

I apologize in advance for the length of the post.

So the weather allowed me to execute the exercise. As I was in the city, I started at Little Bourke St and Swanston. Went in the direction of Victoria St. When I got there, started walking towards Flinders St. At last, walked back in the direction of Bourke St. and then went home. It took me exactly 31 minutes. I took 45 photos of wheels and 2 buildings, trying to figure out where I will be located in January while my father is here.

Of the 47 photos, I culled a few bad ones and reduced to 36.

During the exercise, I tried to think outside the box: what is a wheel? And so I took photos of all things wheel… or better round-ish. And so the results will be decided into 3 categories: Selected photos (strictly wheels), Functional wheels and abstract wheels.


I don’t know what to say about the selection this time. I think the Parameters: Yellow generated more interesting photos. Might have been the object/subject, or it might have been the opportunity (it had been raining earlier). Either way, I’m not ecstatic about these.


All of these are FUNCTIONALLY wheels, even though they may not be real wheels, i.e. a painting of a wheel.


The photos here have a circular shape, the same way a wheel does.

For the full Parameters album, follow this link.

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