Plane Spotting – round 2 (prep-work)

Last year I went plane spotting at the Tullamarine airport with my 70-300mm lens. The photos came out great (as you can see it in the Plane Spotting album) for how much I was prepared for those photos. When I look at the photos, I can still see where the fence was and that it got blured out by the lack of focus on it.

Now that I have my ‘stalking lens’, as a friend calls it, I will try it again. I will mount my 150-600mm on the tripod and test it out. I’m hoping we will get better photos this time, or at least different photos.

I would like to photograph on this next visit to Tullamarine: A380, 787, A350. Most of these are international flights, so need to understand what’s the best time to find them on the runway! I will do some research to understand what sorts of flights to expect incoming and outgoing.

Once I finish the photos, I will add it to a post as well as to the album.

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