Trip ahead

So I recently booked my time off to go on the family trip to the snow (Falls Creek). My leave got approved and the cabin had already been booked.

This year we won’t ski as this is a ‘saving’ year. So this year we’re taking the time off to be with the family and do a lot site seeing around the region. We will likely visit Bright, Mount Buffalo and other sites along the region.

As of today, there is only 43 days until the trip and I’ve already purchased an extra long john’s and a warm undershirt. The next 43 days will be about planning what we can do in those 5 days we’ll be away, as well as planning the cabin dinner (each cabin is responsible for dinner on one of the nights). Really excited.

In other news, we get the new car (which I hadn’t mentioned yet) tomorrow. Might go to the Dandenong to take night photos of the city. Stay tuned.

Note: I hold no rights over the map used, it is a screenshot taken of Google Maps.

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