Chickens (Week 2)

During this week, something unexpected happened: I came home to a rooster in the chicken run. Nana’s boyfriend’s dog had attacked a rooster in his yard and they didn’t know what to do with it. So Nana decided to add it to our collection, in hopes to see little chicks in spring.

We have taken the rooster to the vet to make sure he’s ok and we now have to give him anti-biotics for the next few days. Other than that he’s ok and we have already named him: Albert Eggstein.

He is still shy and getting used to us, so it’s a bit difficult to photograph him. He is hardly visible in one of the photos for this week, but hopefully next week he’ll be friendlier and I’ll be able to take a better photo of him.

This week’s photos:

Now you may ask why I take more photos of Sophia than Victoria, or why Sophia is more in the scene than Victoria. The reasoning for that is that Sophia is more sociable: she will immediatly come when we call her. Victoria’s personality is more blasè and will only come to us when it is in her interest. For this reason, it is more likely for Sophia to be the center of the photos than Victoria.

For all of the photos taken so far, visit the 52 Weeks of Chickens album.

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