Daylesford: Day 2

Day 2 of the trip started well. Had a great filtered coffee (batch brew) and breakfast at Larder. Beautiful Ethiopian beans and great take on Eggs Benedict (with peas, bacon AND pork and a hash brown). I would definitely come here again. Maybe not on this trip, as it would be interesting to get to know other places, but who knows.

From breakfast, we ended up going to the Sunday market (stopped at the hotel to get a few things before heading out). By the time we got to the market, it was already noon and the queues for food were long. We purchased tickets to go on the historic train ride that would leave at 1pm. That barely gave us enough time to get lunch: 2 Karnskies.

Train ride was ok with a few opportunities for photos (and idea for a new project). Then, back to the hotel for Dean to take a nap and I photographed an old truck, went to town and had a coffee and blondie (that had unwanted raspberries in it).

All in all, the day was great and now just chilling and waiting for the time of our reservations at Mercato.

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