Daylesford: Day 3

Last night we ate at a very ‘safe’ restaurant. The food was good, but they only made really easy to please/safe cuts of meat type of meals. As an example: I had an eye fillet with potatoes, asparagus on its jus and Dean had a sweet massaman type curry. All too safe. The wine was good and, all-in-all, the evening was very pleasant.

This morning I went back to Larder as it seems to be the best option in town. Even yesterday when I was having myself an afternoon coffee, I was not able to find anything that looked decent. Anyway, this morning I had quinoa and potato cakes with gravlax, which was delicious, for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa for a Couple’s Escape. It was five hours of pampering, finishing with a 90 minute massage (in which Dean adorably snored for half of it). It was amazing.

We left the bathhouse after 5pm, drove back to Daylesford to look for a place to have dinner. We initially went into a pizza shop in the main strip that yesterday looked like it was good. But today, through different eyes, it did not look like a good idea at all.

We continued our search for a new dinner place and ran into La Lune (storefront is in the featured image). The great issue was that they did not have tables (inside) and we were tossing up between looking elsewhere for dinner or taking away their pizza. We chose the latter and ate it in the hotel room. I have to say, we did not regret it at all – everything was delicious!

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