So, I decided to plan the upcoming weeks. I’m really looking forward to taking more photos, especially after the studio photos and the Bollinger.

Here is what are the pontente all upcoming photo opportunities:

  • Lights of Melbourne: Old Treasury Building – maybe this Friday
  • Portraits: Cintia Chen – 25/05

Dean and I are planning to take a long weekend for the Queen’s Birthday.  One option is going to Wilson’s Promotory to have a nice weekend together. The Promotory is the most southern part of continental Australia. Not that it being the most southern part of continental Australia changes anything, but it is a remote area where people do hikes and camp. That provides, again, great opportunities for night sky photography. That and the hikes Dean and I will do.

Another option to explore is going to Daylesford.  I have never been to Daylesford but it is a nice theuraputical region: from SPAs to thermal springs. Push comes to shove, if it rains, we can always just go to a SPA or even take a stroll in Bendigo, which is a very cute Gold Rush city. A lot more options in case the weather doesn’t help. We are still deciding where to go.

On another note, but still in the subject of planning my next photos, this weekend, on Saturday, I will also try scout for the 25/05 session. I am planning on walking around from Carlton to Fitzroy to Collingwood. If all else fails, I will go to Fitzroy Gardens to find the spots to do the different poses.

The image below (Google maps) shows the areas where I would go around and explore: Lygon Street, Faraday, Carlton Gardens, Gertrude St., Brunswick Rd, and if all else fails, then Fitzroy Gardens.

The places I chose to search for a spot all have something interesting about them. Carlton (Lygon and Faraday) have this nostalgic feeling, at least to me, about the area. Same as Gertrude St, especially a couple of blocs from Smith St. Brunswick Rd is great for the bohemian feel to it: bars and cafes and shops that just give it an urban feel to it, without being the city. Both gardens have natural attractions, but Carlton Gardens has the Royal Exhibition Building which is just stunning.

Note: I hold no rights over the map used, it is a screenshot taken of Google Maps.

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