Product Photography: Bollinger

And having afternoons/evenings free (although I should be going to the gym), I decided to do a bit of experimenting with my flashes. Following the advice provided by the flash books I purchased, I decided to take it to my own hands to do some photography around other things, i.e. not humans.

I looked around and realized that there was nothing really interesting to photograph… except maybe the Bollinger that was in the fridge. I first set up the equipment, then took the Champagne out and tested with one flash. Then, when I was happy with the result I added the second flash and tested again. Most of the shots were about experimenting with different shutter speeds, apertures, ISO and flash intensity.

These were the two best shots of my favorite NV Champagne.

I know, I did not tidy up the sink before taking the photos.

I also didn’t use my honeycomb to tighten the light on the bottle, even though I had one for each of the soft boxes. As I mentioned, this was a experimentation. I will do other photo shoots of products where I will use the honeycomb.


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