Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was great. Even though the house was ‘slightly’ less fancy than the one from last year, it was still a great house. The most important thing was that it fit everyone that was going on the trip, this year we had a bigger party at the house: 3 couples, 1 single adult and 2 girls under 10 (who had to sleep with their parents). The house was really nice, although to get a great view, we had less privacy than the one from last year.

We had a lot of fun and, as I mentioned in the previous post, I got some good macro photo opportunities that wasn’t flower related. Below are the photos of the weekend, I tried not to put too many family members in the posted photos, as this is not a family album, but a blog to show my evolution in photography.

Most of the photos were taken in St Leonards, where we spent the long weekend, but we also visited Queenscliff and Drysdale (no photos of Drysdale, though).

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