Macros at St Leonards

So my Easter weekend away has been great so far. The house we’re staying at is very nice but isn’t as nice as the one from the previous year.  At the end of the day, it satisfies our sleeping requirements/arrangements.

Our days have been filled with activities, including calamari fishing (on/for Good Friday), walks along the beach, lunch at Queenscliff and Dean’s auntie dropping by and staying (because we insisted) for a barbecue diner.

Dean is obsessed with me taking photos of him on his bike, and one of the days I did that. But there is a limited number of photos I can take of him “sitting on his bike”. I really wanted to take a couple of photos of him posing for me, as a start on the directing the model kind of thing… might have to really go for the models to get what I want. Having said that, he does entertain me and tries to help out. I give him some of what he wants, and he gives me a bit of what I want.

But, I have to say the most I got, from a photography perspective, from the trip so far are the macros. When walking down the beach the other day, I took the macro lens and it was macros galore. So many things to photograph with my macro lens. Such a good light that I was able to take even the trickier photos with more success (and even on manual focus).

The feature photo is one of the macros I took here. Since I can’t really go over all the photos and pick the best (don’t have my laptop here), I choose one that was good enough.

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