Lakes Trip: Day 2

The way things are going, I’m just going to post half-way through the day, don’t think it will make much of a difference.

The morning was great and on the way to Dimboola to take photos of the Pink Lake there, we stopped by the Green Lake that’s about 8km from Sea Lake. Nothing really to see; it is just a lake with a green mud at the bottom. It really doesn’t make the lake that interesting or appealing. We left after a very short while.

When we finally got to Dimboola, the only place that was opened served only fried food. We ran to the supermarket to get a granola bar and a few pieces of fruit. We drove to the lake and when we got there, it was cold and started to rain. This was not at all the weather forecast all the applications were predicting, and neither of us wanted to go out in the rain. It looked like the lake was very dry, but with more water than Lake Tyrrell. The rain did not allow us to walk down to the lake.

With everyone tired (from sleeping late and waking up early), we decided to retire for a nap before continuing the day. It seems we might go to the botanical gardens to take photos.

The feature photo is of this post is one of the many train tracks we passed over between Sea Lake and Dimboola.

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