Lakes Trip: Day 1

Sea Lake is VERY far away from Melbourne. It took us nearly 5 hours to get here (counting 1 stop for a half arse early lunch).

But we made most of it. We talked a lot in the 4 hours that we drove. Then we also went to the lake a took some photos. The lake was mostly dry, which allowed us to walk on the salt and see some of the (salty) spring water coming out of the ground. It was really interesting and fun. I still need to go through all the photos, but I think I got some really interesting ones.

We came back later for sunset and to see the stars. It was breath taking. I expected there to be less light pollution, i.e. not be able to see the towns around the area, but their lights were visible from inside the lake. In any case, I’m getting better with the technique of taking nighttime photos. The next step with nighttime sky photos is to find a great location to make it a beautiful AND interesting photo.

On the way back to the car (about 10:00pm), we ran into a couple of guys who were just arriving to start taking photos. I gave them tips (ISO, shutter speed, aperature) and showed him the raw results of my photos. They were so excited to be doing the photography (as we had also been). It was fun to randomly run into people. I wonder what their photos ended up looking like.

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