Lakes Trip: Day 3

Today was a very awkward day. We got up, the boys came to pick me up, we checked out and went for breakfast. We had a reasonable breakfast, nothing too fancy, and hit the road towards Ballarat, where we would have lunch with a friend of ours. We were aiming to get to Ballarat for lunch (not too late after 12:00 pm), have lunch and come to Melbourne. In Ararat, we “changed course” (all planned, nothing done last minute) and drove to Carranballac to see another Pink Lake.

The great thing about it is that it wasn’t raining in Carranballac, the unfortunate thing is that the lake is in private property, with no access to it. I have to say that, even in a cloudy day, the lake was VERY pink. It would have been stunning to have seen the lake on a sunny day.

Somewhere along the road, between Horsham-Carranballac-Ballarat, we ALMOST hit a Wallaby. ALMOST being the key word because I was sure we had run over its tail. But we didn’t because the car didn’t go over any ‘bumps’, the wallaby hopped away with its tail apparently untouched. Further down the road we saw another one – this time we were more cautious and we stopped much before we encountered it. I got out of the car and started taking photos of the little creature. Ray and Christopher thought it would be funny to see the Wallaby attack me. Fortunately it didn’t, and I got the photo that is the feature image.

It ended that our friend, who was going to have lunch with us in Ballarat, did not make it back from a trip he himself had gone on. Ray, Christopher and I had lunch without him and then we headed home.

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