Lake Tyrell trip

So my partner and I had agreed to do this trip together, see the different lakes around the state of Victoria. The only problem is that he forgot to put leave in to do it, because he works in a retail store (even though HE himself doesn’t sell anything) he is rostered on a weekly/fortnightly basis. As a result, he will be working on the long Labor Day weekend.

That means that I would have to go by myself, which will make the experience less interesting. Putting aside that I won’t get to spend quality time with him etc, I was counting on having him in some of my photos: in the middle of the shallow lake reflected in the water. There are apparently infinite photo opportunities, it all depends on the creativity.

So, I invited a couple that we like to join me on the road trip. One of them likes taking photos and the other one enjoys road trips. It is the perfect opportunity to have fun together, multiple photo opportunities and fun things to do at the lake(s).

They are one of our very close friends and there would be no one better to come along with me.

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