Melbourne by Night Session 2 study

Ok, I know I’ve done Melbourne by Night before: Flinders Street Station.

Now it’s the opportunity to take photos of other buildings. I noticed recently that the Old Treasury Building no longer had orange cones/tapes in front of it. So I will go to the city to photograph the building.

I love night photography, capturing the streaks of light crossing the frame and taking photos at night with ISO 100. Should be fantastic.

This time around, Dean will be in Sydney and I may have to do it alone. That’s ok, it’s an opportunity to see one of my friends (have called out to a Brazilian woman who I’ve worked with). Let’s see if she is up for it or not.

More to come.

In the map below, it is point D.

Melbourne by Night map
Melbourne by Night map

Note: I hold no rights over the map image, it was a screenshot from google maps.

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