Christmas came early

My Christmas present arrived early, as expected.  Since I gave my partner his present mid November (due to seasonal reasons), he got mine early too (due to reciprocity 🙂 ).

I was eagerly waiting for it.  I had told him that I thought it was a VERY expensive gift and that I would be ok to pay for half of it, but he insisted in paying all of it.  – on a side note, my gift to him was half of what I got.

I got for Christmas an Epson SureColor P600 printer, to print my photos.  So I spent most of the weekend printing and organising my photos.  It has 9 cartridges:  Yellow, Vivid Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Vivid Magenta, Cyan, Light Light Black, Light Black, PHOTO Black and MATTE black.  Each cartridge costs about $48 at Epson (guessing more at retailers), so, about 432 to replace all of them.

The first thing we did, was go out to JB HiFi to get photographic paper: the 4×6 50 sheets pack was second to cheapest, loosing only to the Epson site.  I had already order the initial set of papers, but couldn’t wait to start printing… that’s why the trip to JB happened.

By mid afternoon on Sunday, the 50 sheets had ended, so I had to do another trip to JB.  There is an Office Works beside JB, and I bought A4 glossy paper (Epson brand also) to start printing enlargements.

SureColor P600

We are thinking of taking a family photo on Christmas night and printing a copy for all the families in A4 (or similar) on the spot.  Let’s see if this is feasible.

Note: I hold no rights over the SureColor P600 printer photo, it was taken from

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