I have to learn how to do portraits.  I generally take a lot of event photos, but I have only done one portrait session in my amateurishness.  The photos didn’t turn out bad, but not fantastic photos either.  The important thing is that the client (a work friend) was very happy and impressed with the photos!

My partner has asked me to take photos of his grandmother (Nanna). I have already started making a photo album of her with photos of the family (that I have captured since I came into the family).  Recently I have scanned old photos of when she was still in Malta and Nanno was still alive. This is providing me an opportunity to make a great photo album that will start in Malta, in 195x.  I am really looking forward to finish cleaning up the photos; some have a lot of tape on them that I fear will ruin the photo if I physically remove it from the photo – so I am ‘photoshopping’ those items from the photos.

Going back to portraits: as my partner asked me to take (portrait) photos of Nanna, I will use these in the photo album. Our first session will be this Saturday at lunchtime.  We will go down to the beach: my partner, his dad, Nanna and whoever else wants to watch; e.g. his dad’s wife, Nanna’s boyfriend etc.  He has warned that it will be a ‘boring’ session, but we will have lunch afterwards. I will do hand shots, face shots, shots with Nanna, my father-in-law and my partner.  I will probably take other photos that will include other family members and other locations. Very excited to be doing this as a way to exercise my portraits as well as to provide my partner and his family with (hopefully) great photos to remember Nanna by. 

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