The Moon and other things

Let’s start by saying that the Moon Watching exercise will take a while longer than expected to be executed.  I will postpone the the exercise until I have at least one other person (and I know who to ask) to do this with. And that person will need to be, AT LEAST in a different state here in Australia.  Ideally, I would have a few people living in other countries participate.  I will put out more information, i.e. when I get more people to come on the journey, here once I have it.

The zoo

I went to the zoo last weekend (as well as doing the Parameters: Yellow exercise). It had been the first time I had been in a safari type of zoo.  It was fun, although the zoo itself is quite small.  There weren’t a lot of animals to see if you didn’t go on the safari tour. We are members of the zoo,so it didn’t cost us anything to go and to take the tour.  Next time we go, we might pay for a closer ride to the animals – we would go ‘off-Road’.

I will soon put up a few of the photos that were taken with my humble 70-300mm lens. As the days pass and I’m trying to take more and more photos of things I cannot control, I am feeling like I need a faster lens with more zoom power to do these activities.  Just not sure I’m too keen on paying $2k+ on it, since I am an AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER.

Other Exercises

I will soon start posting my next list of exercises.  I plan on looking up exercises on both books.  I will still do Moon Watching, Parameters and Finding Your Reflection, but right now, I am looking for a more ‘one off’ project that I can execute quickly during the weekend.

As part of the Finding Your Reflection, I have a list of four people so far. All are close to me in one way or another.  I still need to get the other six people involved. Once we get closer to start photographing my subjects, I will post the ‘rules’ of it.  Because it will unlikely be taken in a public space, I will need to get a Consent and Release form signed (which also means I will have to pay my subjects).  I am looking forward to the exercise and hoping that my models will get into the exercise and I will have great photos.

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