The Werribee Zoo

So, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we went to a safari type zoo here in Melbourne; the Werribee Zoo.  It was pleasant, but really nothing much else to do, either:

  1. Safari Tour of the herbivores; OR
  2. Seeing the predators (carnivores/omnivores) in their cages.

Most of the cages were quite spacious, not sure about the Lion’s though.  Other than that, it was great and we had a little show about the servals.  Servals are quite pretty, but not really a house cat.

The day was pleasant, with only a few realistic opportunities to take photos.  I’ve attached the most memorable photos here as a gallery.

Note: I have not edited, i.e. used Lightroom, extensively on these photos and I may still have a further play with them. For the time being, they are satisfactory

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