So today I decided to use Dean, my husband, for a Joy Project session. Late in the morning we had the interview (at home) and then we went off site to take the photos.

We spent a great afternoon all three of us: Dean, Hughey (the dog) and myself. Hughey was a bit bored and we had to keep him tied close to us so that Dean could do his thing and so that I could photograph him doing it.

And when we got home today, I copied the photos and imported them into Lightroom to discover that I had photographed in JPEG instead of the normal RAW. This is very disappointing because I work with certain parameters that I know will be tweaked when I import the raw file into Lightroom. As a result, all I have are the Nikon edited photos, without any real development profile (vivid or landscape etc.). As such, I consider the session a failure. Dean and I have already discussed that we will have another session. In the meantime, I leave these jpegs here for for entertainment.

Puppy under a tree
Dean and his Joy

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