Priorities – Part 2

The title is just to show that this post is a continuation of the discussion introduced in my previous post.

So I decided to, out of curiosity, check out my lens options going to mirrorless. Just from a pricing perspective: Nikkor F mount 50mm f/1.8 (all photographers should have one of these) – AUD$350; Z mount 50mm f/1.8 – AUD$1000, Canon R (mirrorless mount) 50mm f/1.8 – $370.

Because I will only buy cameras every 5-7 years, I probably could afford to pay a little bit more on them. Lenses, on the other hand, are things I will constantly keep exploring, probably buying 1 – 2 per year (until I get the set I want). With over 200% higher cost on the lens for a STANDARD lens on the Z mount, Nikon is starting to look a lot like a non-option for me.

I don’t know what makes the Z mount lenses so expensive, but for now they are off the table. Having to really worry about the future costs of lenses, Canon suddenly became the better option on mirrorless.

With that in mind, a slow transition to mirrorless will not be possible: I thought maybe to go Z5 (entry level full frame mirrorless) and start with using an adaptor and slowly buying the Z lenses I need. But if the lenses are almost three times the price of the F mount, then I might buy the D780 for now, and then do a radical shift to Canon when the time for mirrorless comes.

I know Nikon has an adaptor for the F to Z mounts, but that only introduces failure points: light leakage, internal dust, potential joint break and technical failure. These sorts of adaptors are good only for transitioning, not a permanent solution. As such, unless the price of the Z mount lenses drop by the time I’m ready to buy a mirrorless, I will have to bid farewell to Nikon and dive into the world of Canon.

Note: Canon R lenses aren’t all that cheap either, but that’s because they are very focused on fixed aperture on variable zoom or high aperture (low f/ number) on long focus length lenses. When looking at comparable products, they are on-par with the Nikon F mount prices, e.g. the 50mm f/1.8 being in the $350 price range.

Note 2: The D780 almost 1 to 1 with my current D610. The differences are insignificant and buying it would be the equivalent of buying a second D610.

Neewer mini tripod

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