What is its height?

I often get sad because I never have great ideas for photos. Or maybe I should say great ideas for illustrations, I don’t really know.

I love looking at the photographic compositions from great photographers such as David LaChapelle. His work in Heaven to Hell was fantastic. But I often asked myself, what inspires someone to have such a great idea as those photos and execute them? I often see great photographic illustrations and think: wow, that’s a great composition, just not the type of thing I would do. I would never be able to have a click and think: I want to photograph someone with wearing (butt) cheek revealing shorts in roller skates licking a huge lollypop. I wouldn’t be able to have the idea, mostly because I probably would not want to TAKE the photo, but I would like to SEE the photo.

Maybe that’s why I took Scene Composition from this year’s goals when I re-wrote my goals. I could not think of a great composition to photograph. Sure I had all year to think of it and execute, but I think that if I was going to think of something, my mind would be bubbling with ideas and I would be struggling to choose between them.

That is not the case. But what is the case is that my mind goes bubbling with ideas for projects. So, the latest idea was to lay with my back on the floor and take photos upwards. I know different lenses will produce different effects on the perception of height. I will first take photos of small things, just tall enough for my lens to capture while I am in the described position. And with each photo I take, the next object will need to be taller than the previous one.

I don’t know if this project will work or will be interesting. I will start it out and depending on my first results, I will either stop it, or start posting the results here.

So, I guess I have to say I’m not into composing illustrative photos and like more the independent type of photography. If spontaneity is part of the photo, better yet. As such, I hold true to my calling.

Note: I hold no rights over the map used, it is a screenshot taken of Google Maps.

Note: I hold no rights over the photo above, it is a screenshot from google maps of the Burj Khalifa .

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