Sunset in Queenscliff

And so I chased my sunset. During scouting of the area for a good photo, I realized my good filters for the wide angle lens had stayed home. I was very upset.

Having said that, the solo trip was very energizing. I love Queenscliff as it is a heritage listed town (actually, the only Borough in Australia). The town will never lose it’s quaint charm.

I had a great time and got good results from the photos. The autumnal afternoon sun produced a beautiful nostalgic tinge to everything (discarding the need for warming filters).

The amount of light (without my filters) made it difficult to do proper long exposure photos. As such, most of the photos have less than 1 second with the shutter closed.

White Lighthouse in Queenscliff
The Point Lonsdale lighthouse is the last lighthouse before exiting Port Phillip Bay

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