Down at the Peninsula

So last weekend I went to visit my good friend Stephen Laurence in the Mornington Peninsula. He is a delightful person and we had a great time. The objective to go down was to do some landscape photography.

We were going to do the Dragon’s Head, hoping for beautiful oranges, reds and purples skies as the backdrop. Reality was quite disappointing as it rained all day (with very small breaks in the rain). As a consequence, we were not able to get the photos because when it did stop raining, the tide was higher than what we could use and the sun was already well below the point of painting the sky.

But we enjoyed each other’s company, watched a webinar about night sky (astral) photography and made plans. We made plans to go on a short trip to Phillip Island to take photos of The Pinnacles. I’m very excited with the prospect and have started working on my research. More to come!

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