The Joy of Joy

I get all excited when a new photo session for the Joy project comes along. Next Monday I will have my next session and can barely wait.

I’ve run through my documentation, I’ve prepared my questions. Come the weekend, I will pack my bagS (one for the camera equipment, and two others for lighting material). I’m still deciding if I will only record the audio or if I will film the interview as well.

These past weeks I have been going through my material from the past sessions. Every time I got through the collected material and the photos, it brings such a big smile on my face. It’s no wonder that for every session I do for this project, I plan so much.

Getting the documents (“model release form”), coming up with the interview questions, creating the pages in my internal photographic diary, going through the check-list until I find yet another improvement on the list.

Photography is very therapeutic for me. It keeps me sane, it keeps me motivated, it moves me forward.

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