Impromptu Photography Trip

I would like to say that his happened out of the blue, but it didn’t. Well, a little bit.

So, I received a message from a friend of mine (who is also a photographer) earlier today inviting me to come to visit him – “out of the blue”. He has a spare bedroom in his house where my husband, our puppy (he also has a puppy) and I can stay. I was thrilled with the invitation and accepted it.

The thing is, he lives in the Mornington Peninsula, a 1 hour drive from Melbourne with beautiful places. The reason why it isn’t “out of the blue” is because we had discussed doing photo sessions together. It was always: oh yeah, let’s set it up. And this time he reached out saying: I’ll be free this weekend (I’m guessing he works some weekends), the water at the beach is great (not his exact words, but the sentiment is there), I have a spare bedroom and it looks like we might be in for a good sunset. This is my second Peaceful Sunset photo in the making!

We ere going to go early tomorrow morning, but earlier today, I discovered I have a punctured tire. So we are going to delay the drive down to tomorrow afternoon so that we can fix the tire in the morning and do the house cleaning. Hopefully we head off right after lunch.

Here is to hoping.

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