Endings and Beginnings – Chickens (18 of 52)

Yesterday was a really sad day. I had to say goodbye to my three feather babies. This is the last post of 52 Weeks of Chickens – 2nd Generation.

The Chickens

As the past 1.5 weeks progressed, we started keeping only Valentino in a sound proof shed overnight. At 9am, when it is already acceptable to make noise, we would take him out and let them (all three) roam about. With this, Dolores started crowing. Not as loud, yet, and not as often, yet. But she (?) did. Based on her size and posture, we figured Dolores is probably the Beta rooster.

But the noise was becoming a nuisance and we found a new home for all three. As a going away token, Consuelo, in all her wisdom, left us a little present: her first egg. I was thrilled to see the egg and understood that it would change nothing: we could not keep the siblings apart after they’ve been together for so long.

I think Consuelo understood what was going on, as this week she had become very friendly again. She would walk to me and even not mind me picking her up – she did not run from me at all and was willing to be picked up.

But this is a bitter sweet post: saying goodbye is never easy, but it ended with a sweet note of Consuelo’s love and first egg.


To see the 52 Weeks of Chickens – 2nd Generation project, click here.

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  1. What a sad post, Bernie. I was following their development closely and this post hit me hard. I can imagine how you are feeling. Be strong.

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