Pescado Rodrigo

Apparently Pescado Rodrigo is a standard mexican preparation of fish, especially in Mexico City (or so I’ve read). This is what I got from my research, but since I have never been to Mexico City, I cannot confirm.

I, obviously, took this off a Mexican cookbook. The recipe suggested serving it with corn tortillas. Since I did not have the corn tortillas, was not in the mood to make it AND wanted something a bit more than just fish and tortillas (which to me sounds a lot like a fish taco), I made some homemade fried sweet potatoes and some spinach cooked in tom yum broth. I know, tom yum doesn’t scream Mexico – especially since it is a Thai soup – but I though it was worth a try. It turned out pretty good. The mix of the prawny flavor of the tom yum worked with being a accompany to the fish.

The sauce on top of the fish is spectatular: umami flavors mixed with scallions, cilantro and chili.

Pescado Rodrigo with Fried Sweet Potatoes and Spinach

This and other photos of my food can be found in the Dinner album.

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