Green Papaya Salad

In the last 5 weeks, I have started cooking for my husband and I on a daily basis. If it were just for me, my lunches would all be rice and beans, a grilled chicken breast and some veggies (standard Brazilian meal) and dinner would be whatever. I’m Brazilian, but my husband isn’t, so that doesn’t really work.

So for the last 5 weeks, I an attempt to get Dean to eat healthier, I started cooking yummy food from my many cookbooks to make sure he isn’t just eating carbs (including sugar) and fat. While most of the time the food turns out delicious (sometimes too spicy, but yummy nonetheless), I don’t often take the time to photograph them, as it is right before dinner.

Because last night I also make a nice dinner (I was only really cooking weeknights, but started planning for the weekends too), I decided to take the time to dish it up pretty to photograph it. It’s not much, but the Vietnamese green papaya salad turned out delicious!

Green Papaya Salad

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