Chickens (8 of 52)

Almost didn’t post this week, as it has been a very complicated one. In the end, things got pulled together and I was able to get a few shots today.

The Chickens

The chickens in the kitchen have become a nuisance. They didn’t stay in the pen anymore, pooping everywhere and Dean didn’t finish building the temporary outside run and coop for them. As a result, to stop them from flying out the pen, a black plastic was put on top of the pen, stopping them from being able to fly out (there is a small opening we can make when we need to get them out for some reason, like tell them how cute and good chickens they are, pick them up and hug them until they fly away… just kidding, I don’t hug them, but I do put them perching on my arm – one at a time – and walk around the house with them).

Valentina has become very defiant, and that’s the reason for the plastic, and Consuelo follows her around. I think what pushed me over the limit (to nag Dean to solve the chicken issue) was when I caught ALL THREE of them wandering in the living room, leaving memories all over the shop.

All three of them also have started to make strange noises. They are transitioning from chick to chicken: they still chirp like chicks most of the time, especially when it’s time to sleep, but they also let out a non-descript noise that really sounds like they want to cluck.

Today was (finally) a beautiful day and we left them in the backyard for most part of the day (mostly unsupervised). They ran and played a lot, but at some point they just found a pot, where there was a tree in it, to hide between it and a fence (not a lot of space). It was their instinct to look for shelter. They were exhausted at the end, but still difficult to get them back in side.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge this week was the opportunity to take photos of them. Because it was a cold week, couldn’t take them outside (mostly because I didn’t want to be cold) to photograph.. and we have already started cleaning up upstairs to be a human house again. With that, I couldn’t even take them to the balcony anymore.

I am glad I had the opportunity to take them to the backyard today.


I think I will make this upcoming week Portrait Week, as it has been a while since I posted photos of the girls in their profile. I will probably update the profile text as they have had a few tweaks in the way they behave. That will mean I will push Storytelling to one week out (want 1 week of normal week before storytelling).

To see the 52 Weeks of Chickens – 2nd Generation project, click here.

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