COVID-19 Quarantine Day 11 – New Toy

Days left in quarantine: 3

So, the new computer arrived with the VR set. What can I say but: it’s awesome.

I love the new machine, Lightroom just goes so fast it’s unbelievable. Everything runs smoothly even when Dean is playing VR while I’m photo editing.

We did spend a considerable amount of money on it to make sure it would handle our requirements (me photo editing while Dean played on the VR set). We have 64GB of RAM memory, (currently only) 1TB of SSD, 8GB of memory for the GPU, and 12 cores to run in parallel. It is a monster!

Even with such a monster at home, I did not play with it during the day, I worked in front of it for half of the day and the other half I worked in the kitchen while Dean used the desk to go to one of the few work related meetings he’s been having.

At the end of the day, because of the size of our place, for Dean to play with the VR set, we have to empty out the kitchen. Yes, get get the table and chairs and remove it from the kitchen so Dean has enough space to play. It’s all worth it: he’s is happy and has something to entertain himself.

The whole COVID-19 Quarantine project is available on this page.

With the new computer, for some reason when I was migrating my lightroom across, most of the stuff came with no issues. Minor (in terms of effort), but important, configurations did not come across, such as the watermarks (and the export configuration). I will tweak the wartermark going forward, but today you will appreciate what I could cook up in 1 minute.

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