COVID-19 Quarantine Day 10 – Where did the ideas go?

Days left in quarantine: 4

We’ve been isolated in this house for 10 days now and I’m running out of ideas of what to photograph. I guess that’s the beauty of projects like these, we have to reinvent it.

To be honest, nothing too dramatic has happened here, I guess that’s why there really isn’t much to document (through photos). We have tried to keep things civil and the fact that Dean is not very mobile keeps him in bed.

We are waiting (and the day isn’t finished yet) for our new computer. My laptop is old and we were going to buy a 2-in-1: a computer for me to photo edit (everything else I can more or less do from my iPad) and for Dean to play with a new VR set he bought). We were going to wait for until after we moved to the new house to buy it, but Dean is so bored that we just sped up the process. So Dean’s cousin built it for us and he should deliver it today. In preparation for the new computer, I organized the desk.

Also, since there isn’t much to do in terms of photos anymore, I started playing with my camera toys. Today’s toy was a Rogue Flash Grid system and the color gels for. I used only CTO based gels today. Dean decided to play with it too.

The whole COVID-19 Quarantine project is available on this page.

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