COVID-19 Quarantine Day 3

Yesterday, my mother-in-law had dropped off food for me to assemble for my birthday dinner. So I assembled the Lobster Thermidor and we had it with Champagne for the quarantined celebratory dinner. I also tidied up the kitchen since Dean’s foot is broken and he should avoid putting any weight on it at all costs.

Today, I woke up to a very well kept kitchen, if you take into account Dean was up all night and had a midnight snack with a broken foot. We are really trying to keep out of each others toes in such a small space.

Slow moving day, but still got some birthday calls and messages on social media. Also, we decided to make fresh pasta for dinner. Making past with 500g of flour took us just over 1 hour. A lot of trial and error to get the pasta at the right texture to cut it into fettuccine.

The whole COVID-19 Quarantine project is available on this page.

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