COVID-19 Quarantine Day 2 – My Birthday

Today was the first full day under quarantine. We still have not had the time (or space) to unpack from our botched trip to Florida.

From overseas, I got a number of Skype/FaceTime calls today wishing me a happy birthday. From local family members, I’ve been getting remote visitors. With that I mean, people put a bunch of things on our door step, walk 10 meters away from it and ask me to open the door. Upon opening it, with protective mask, I get a happy birthday song and a bit of small talk trying to comfort me that this situation will last only 14 days.

From my mother-in-law and father-in-law (separate occasions), they also brought food for us to stay in the quarantine. They brought us way too much food, more than what we’ll be able to eat in 13 days. Meat and fresh groceries – fruit and vegetables – may need replenishing next weekend.

This is what the day looked like so far.

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