Now, a lot of my photos are purely inspired by what’s going on in my life. The 52 Weeks of Chickens was a project to photograph my chickens every weekend. Joy is a subject that interests me from a psychological/anthropological point of view; I like joyous things and like to see people enjoying themselves.

But, a lot of the exercises I do are not of my own thinking cap. They are generally a product of an inspiration based on something I read. I still have not finished reading “The Passionate Photographer Dream it, Be it” by Steve Simon, but have started reading another book of an author I like a lot. The book is called “The Photography Bible” and it is by Michael Freeman.

My recent Metering exercises were based on the material he provided around metering. The book, at the end of each chapter, suggests exercises around the topic proposed. The metering exercise I did, in fact, do before I got to the part of the book where it suggested I should do that. Nonetheless, it was inspired by Michael Freeman’s words and thus I actioned.

There are a few other exercises I will do, based on where I am so far in his book. But that will be further down the line as I’m significantly pre-occupied with my trip and trying not to catch COVID-19 (Corona Virus).

The Photography Bible is not the first book I read by Michael Freeman. I have read “The Photographer’s Eye: Compositions and Design for Better Digital Photographs”; which is part of a bigger series – “The Photographer’s Eye”. I also plan to read a few more of his books. I will create a list of books I’ve read and update it as I go through the books.

P.S. I don’t necessarily buy all my books from Amazon. I use the site as a reference because it has a lot there and it’s generally very easy to find the products for display.

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