Metering – Part 2

I know it’s been a very prolific long weekend in terms of posting. Just very happy, now let’s get down to the chase.

I will not repeat what I have already said in the Metering post. The photos are unedited from raw files. This time used ISO 100, f / 1.8 with shutter speed varying; the photo slightly underexposed (based on the TTL metering). I also used my 50mm lens with a Circular Polarized filter (the previous attempt also had the CPL filter). The day was still not producing the contrast intensity I wanted, but let’s analyze below.

Metering on the shaded mulch

Metering on the flower

On the other hand, it is incredible how the area where you choose to meter really affects the result of the metering. If we compare the Spot Metering between mulch and flower, the result, as we see it, was expected. Let’s take a look at them side-by-side.

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