In search of new project

I have not given up on my current running projects (Joy/Portraits) and goals, but I do need a project similar to 52 Weeks of Chickens. It is in the sense that I need a project to commit to for a long period of time and that requires me to make the effort every week.

Like 52 weeks of Chickens, I want to commit to doing something every weekend so that I have something to post. Sometimes it seemed that I had run out of ideas with Sophia and Victoria, and that I was just going through the motions with them. But even the more dull weekends, I managed to get good photos of them.

It is the volume of work that makes it worth while. Always trying to find different ways to take photos of them, having the commitment to photograph AND to post the photos here.

I will find another project that I can commit to doing every weekend. In the mean time, this blog will be a bit touch and go. Sometimes with a couple of weeks without photos, sometimes posts occurring more frequently. Who knows.

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