For those days when I feel like a shit photographer

As you’ve been able to read in this blog, I sometimes am uninspired and just hate (maybe too strong of a word to use) my photos. I’ve recently read in The Passionate Photographer Dream it, Be it, by Steve Simon, that it is ok to feel that way every now and again. Below is the quote from his book that gave me confidence to continue photographing no matter how bad I think my photos are. I’m writing the quote here so that I can remember that it is okay to not like your photos or to be uninspired every now and again.

Do you ever go out for a shoot and feel a bit uninspired? I suspect if you’re like me you may not always feel like you’re at the top of you picture-taking game. But you know what? It’s okay. The main thing is that you’re out there.

The Passionate Photographer Dream it, Be it – Steve Simon

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