Melbourne, D.C. and New York

Next year I turn 40 and would love to go see Europe: France, Italy, Malta (Dean is Maltese), maybe Croatia… The cruel reality is that I would not be able to do that and see my family (siblings and parents).

Instead, I will go to Florida, where both my siblings live. I will start off in Orlando, where my brother lives and spend a few days there with him and the family. It’s been 3 years since I last hugged them. We will go to Disney (see the new Star Wars park) go to Universal and other attractions. We will also need to go bowling so my godson will whip my ass in bowling. He is 12 and already plays in the bowling league!

On 20/03 we will all drive down to Miami, where my sister lives. Dad will fly from Rio to Miami and on 21/03 we will celebrate the completion of another decade well lived. Whilst in Miami we’ll go to the Everglades national park, Key West, Miami Beach and other interesting places to visit.

But it is on 26/03 that things really get interesting: Dean and I will rent a car and drive up the East Coast! We will do Miami to Washington in 2 days. Eight hours from Miami to Charleston (South Carolina). We will rely on southern hospitality. A lot of photo opportunities in that drive. Then we go inland from Charleston to Washington.

We’ll spend three nights in DC. It will be the begging of Spring and we are staying just a couple of blocks from the National Mall. I’m hoping the Sakura will already be blooming. If so, it will be another great photo opportunity. Then, from DC we take the train to NYC!

In NYC we will spend 4 nights. I’m not entirely sure how much photography I will be able to do, as we will be walking frantically everywhere. I’m hoping to be able to take some photos in Central Park as well as a lot of street photography. Only time will tell. A new observation deck will open in March and it will be the highest one in the western hemisphere. Dusk at the deck will be a great opportunity for more photos!

In summary, 2020 looks promising in terms of photos and I can’t wait for it to come!

Note: I hold no rights over the map used, it is a screenshot taken of Google Maps.

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