Chickens (Week 13 of 52)

This week we get to 25% of the project. It is a big achievement. We’ve seen the girls through winter and now that Spring is coming along, they will be more active.

Other things await them in the coming months: new home. Dean and I bought a (town)house off the plan and the expected settlement date is prior to Christmas. The builders said they would like to have everyone in the homes by the holidays. That means that from summer onwards, we will have a different backdrop to the photos!

I am taking the time to review all that as happened as part of this project so far:

  1. Project began at (to me) start of Winter – first photo taken right before the Winter Solstice -,
  2. Albert showed up
  3. Chickens were mistreated by Albert
  4. Albert had to go after 3 weeks
  5. Girls recovering from Albert
  6. “Biker Chick”
  7. Warmer days
  8. Spring (to starting tomorrow 23/09)

For all of the photos taken so far, visit the 52 Weeks of Chickens album.

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