First blossom of the season

I know that the Australian government already considers today to be part of Spring 2019 (as opposed to only starting on the 23rd of September). They have a funny habit of starting the seasons in the first day of the month that a routine astronomical event happens (Equinoxes and Solstices). As such, since 01/09/2019 we have been in Spring time.

The days have started becoming slightly warmer (as expected when getting closer to the Equinox) and sunnier. Today, 9 days from the Vernal Equinox, I finally see the first cherry blossom bud pop its head out. It is the only one so far, but the first one of many!

I here present unto you: the first Cherry Blossom of Spring 2019!

Edit: The next day I took another photo of the same blossom. See below.

Day 2

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