Last Spring, my partner and I went on a photo session in the city with parameters we had do adhere to to take our photos:

  1. It had to be in a specific block in the CBD
  2. We had 30 minutes to photograph
  3. All photos had to include a yellow element

The results can be seen in the Parameters: Yellow page.

Since it has been a significant while since we’ve done the exercise, I am proposing to do it again. This time, the parameters will change (at least the last one).

I’m planning to execute it on the 05/10, as shown on the upcoming events. As the weeks pass, I will brainstorm the parameters for the exercise: might be in a different location (beachside instead of in the city), might be a different elements (hats/headwear instead of the color yellow), might be a different time span… who knows?

I will also invite my partner and maybe my friends that went to the Pink Lakes trip.

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