I have started practicing for my “What the eyes can’t see” project. I have not taken a lot of infra-red photos so I decided to start to skill up for it. I started looking at material for me to learn how to better photograph using only the infra-red light. So I spent the afternoon trying to do the white balance to match the “infra-red white” and exploring the options.

As much progress as I have made, I am still far from where I need to be for this exercise and will continue pushing myself for a more ‘colorful’ infra-red photo. Below are the photos that are better from the lot (even though definitely not good enough or the project).

I also noticed that I am getting a ghost like streak on my photos, especially with the longer exposure (some more than 3 minutes). I have googled it, and apparently there ‘may’ be some light (IR) leakage from the eye piece into the camera. For my next attempts, I will cover the view finder before photographing. Until then, I leave you with the photos I took.


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