What the eyes can’t see

So I have started thinking of my next project. In parallel to working on my portraits project – which will be very difficult as I rely on models to be available – I will start my “What the eyes can’t see” project. I will still reassess the name, but the subject is taking photos using an Infra-Red filter: allowing only infra-red light to come through the lens.

This type of project requires long exposure, as the amount of infra-red light reflected by objects is small. Each filter uses a very small band of the infra-red spectrum. I have, a few years ago, taken a photo from my balcony with one of these filters and the result was interesting. I probably left the shutter opened for about 19 seconds. No real color was captured, so I converted the image to black and white.

I will start the project with nature, then will go into a city escape, then move forward city long exposure and finishing up, if achievable, with night time/sky exposure. Let’s see what the project will provide.

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