Calling for Curators

It’s difficult to be objective with your own work – specially when it’s a subjective work. I have discovered I am quite unhappy with my site. The reason is not that I don’t like the layout, on the contrary. But I don’t know ‘which galleries I should have’ and what photos to post in them, i.e. which ones are good enough to make the cut.

As such, I will need help making those decisions since I look at my photos and I like most of them, but I rarely think: this makes such a statement that I need to put it on my site.

My ‘personal projects’, such as Portraits, will surely make it to the site, under Projects (not yet published), but the galleries, a group photos based on some commonality that was not necessarily thought of ahead of time. As I state in the Galleries section of the site:

They are generally part of my observations through the lens, and the association is generally done after the fact.

If you know someone who is willing to be a curator; i.e. has good analytical skills, understands what ‘good photography’ is and is willing to put in the effort of going through my photos with me; then please reach out (in the Contact page) so we can discuss the site (and POSSIBLE payments).

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