Cover of The Photographer's Playbook

Homework, part 2

The books/journals arrived for me to start doing homework arrived today.  I am excited to do them.  As I read the first few pages of “The Photographer’s Playbook”, I realized that it is not all what I expected; I had in mind that there would be 307 assignments for me to do.  It’s not really that; there ARE assignments in the book, but there are also little things to think about more than to actively do in an exercise.  This is not a bad thing, it’s quite good indeed.  This gives me food for thought, something to remember when executing the other exercises.

The other thing I noticed in that same book is that some of the activities require multiple days to execute, e.g. Watching the Moon suggests me to photograph (and a group of friend) the moon at the same time everynight for a period of time.  As in such, these will become projects.  I’ve created in the menu an item projects, where I will update the projects as I go along.  This will help me through my journey, but also allow it to be recorded for posterity.

As such, I will organize myself to do “Watching the Moon”.  I will likely do this over the Christmas period as I will have about 10 days not working and will leverage that time to take photos of the moon at the same time every day.  Every photo document will be recorded here in the blog and the analysis at the end.

Because we are still over 1 month away from the Christmas shutdown, I will look for the next one.  In the mean time, check out the link to the project.

Note: I hold no rights over the Photographer’s Playbook book image, it was taken from

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