Goals 2020

These are my photographic goals grouped by year in which I hope to (or have) achieve(d) them. Some of the goals will start out very generic, such as “Wildlife Photography”, in which case this likely represents the first time I will be doing such a thing. Once I understand the mechanics of doing that type of photography, the next time around will be easier to be more specific as to what I hope to achieve that year.

Note: items with a ** beside them mean it will be stretch goals.


The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building

I will take a photo for The Lights of Melbourne Project, where I do long exposure at night in iconic buildings in Melbourne. The Old Treasury Building hits the sweet spot as it is where I got married.

Planned Date: April/2020 || Executed Date: N/A

The Joy of Riding a motorcycle – Joy Project

I will do a photo session of Dean (my husband) with his bike as part of the Joy Project. He loves riding his bike and so I will include it in my sessions for this year.

Planned Date: July/2020 || Executed Date: N/A

Studio Session

I would like to take photos in studio again. Have not picked the subject, model or date. Since this is an indoor activity, may be worth doing it in the winter months.

Planned Date: June-August/2020 || Executed Date: N/A

Plane Spotting – A380

Plane Spotting is a standard every year. This time I thought I would get a bit more specific. Even though, as a passenger, I do not like A380s, it is a beautiful aircraft. I am hopping to take a photo of one this year.

Planned Date: May/2020 || Executed Date: N/A

Travel Photography**

As per my wildlife photography desire, this would be a potential starting place. I have found a small trip to take in Queensland that I could take photos of birds and other animals with the help of a professional photographer and tour guide. This could help the build up/practice.

Planned Date: June or November/2020 || Executed Date: N/A

The Lights of Melbourne – Victorian Parliament

I had planned to photograph The Victorian Parliament building in 2019, but due to renovation work, it was not possible. If there are no cones, red tape or scaffolding in front of it, I will take photos of that building in 2020.

Planned Date: September/2020 || Executed Date: N/A

The Joy of ? – Joy Project

I have not yet found the second session for this year’s Joy Project sessions. More information once I find a suitable Joy.

Planned Date: N/A || Executed Date: N/A

Scene Composition

Still need to come up with a scene, with two or more people, and photograph it. This will be an interesting exercise as I will have to come up with the scene/theme, find the models and execute.

Planned Date: N/A || Executed Date: N/A

The Lights of Melbourne – The Royal Exhibition Building**

I’m adding the Royal Exhibition Building as a stretch this year. It had been under renovations for a while and I’m guessing it might have finished.

Planned Date: N/A || Executed Date: N/A


Domestic Wildlife Photography

As a step within my wildlife photography latter, I will do one in Australia. I still haven’t decided if it will be in Tasmania, the great Outback or somewhere in the more tropical areas of the country.

Planned Date: N/A || Executed Date: N/A

Bucket List

  • International Wildlife Photography


2020 is the first year I started putting goals to paper. In 2021 this section will be updated.

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