New Bernardo Brandao Photos

I have spend a significant amount of time on the Bernardo Brandao Photos these past days. I transformed it from being a simple blog, to it being a whole website (with a blog as part of it). If you put in the browser’s address bar, you will see the home page.

The change happened because of the recent photo shoots I did for Jono’s Piano Bar. I found it better presentable for me to showcase my material and keep blogging in the background, (e.g. here).

I changed the menu bar for the site. Where before I had fun stuff, like my Misplaced Album, I replaced it with my Commercial Photography, i.e. photos for customers; I removed my Trips item as well. I feel it is more important for a potential customer to see the result of the trip in the appropriate section (likely under Landscape if that’s what the trip was about). I revamped the Food item, I’m no longer inviting you to have dinner with me, now I am posting food I took photos of, not necessarily the ones I cooked. I kept the Projects menu item which, for now, takes you to the Joy Project page; once I have more ongoing projects I will create a landing page that will guide you to the correct project. I kept my Goal page, and last but not least, I have a link to this area: the blog.

To make the site and blog work together harmoniously was not easy. There was a lot of tweaking happening with the styles to make sure that the pages of the site were black while the blog pages remain white. But all was worth it in the end.

Photos of the food photoshoot at Jono’s Piano Bar

As promised, here are some of the food photos I took for Jono’s Piano Bar. Hope you enjoy it.

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